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Why not invite our amazing creatures and professional entertainers to your next birthday party?
Our hands-on, educational, interactive, and fun presentation will provide you with an experience like no other- while creating memories that will last a lifetime!
Reptile Show
For our Reptile Shows, we bring between 6-8 different reptiles including lizards, turtles, and snakes. Before the show starts, the reptile entertainer will go over some ground rules; such as sitting in place and keeping the noise level down. Once the show starts the reptile entertainer will take each animal out- one at a time, talk a little bit about that animal, ask the partygoers questions, and bring the animal around for each kid to see close up; they will even get to pet most of the animals. At the end, the reptile entertainer will take out one of our larger snakes, like Marshmallow(11 ft Burmese Python!) and the partygoers will have the chance to pet and take pictures with him. The show can go on anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.​

*Parties with fewer than 15 participants/audience members it may take less than 45 minutes. 

Reptle Display
Reptile Display/ Exhibit
Great for large crowds where a traditional show doesn’t quite work. For fairs or markets where walkthrough traffic would be conducive.  
We bring several animal enclosures placed on tables for viewing. There will be an attendant(or two depending on participant numbers) available who can answer questions and take the animals out for people to pet or take pictures with.
We like to describe it as an interactive display/ exhibit.

Reptile Stage Show (1.5 hrs)
Great for larger crowds (over 50 audience members/participants)
For our Stage Shows, we do as we would with a regular show, we don't require a stage, just seating with enough space to walk between rows. We take the animals out one at a time to talk about them, but we have a speaker so that we can be heard, this takes around 45 min.
For these large crowds, we don't show all the animals around to everyone during the show, but we have a meet and greet after the show where people can line up and get to pet the animals.
People usually like to stick around get a picture with Marshmallow, this takes around a half hour depending on the crowd and how the animals are doing.
*Please send inquiry for pricing


Reptile Show for up to 30 audience members/participants  $186.99 plus hst*
45 min- 1 hour, may be less time for groups of 15 or less

Reptile show up to 50 audience members/participants $249.99 plus hst *
45 min-1 hour

Inquire on pricing for larger groups or stage shows

Our 1.5 hour Reptile Display is $379.99 plus hst*
Each additional half an hour is $119.99 plus hst*

For outdoor reptile shows/ displays, we require that it is a nice day and the temperature is 15 degrees or warmer for the animals' safety and well-being.

*Additional costs are based on locations and travel time for round-trips over 40km from our office in East End St. John's.

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