Why not invite our amazing creatures and professional entertainers to your next birthday party? Our hands
on, educational, interactive, and fun presentation will provide you with an experience like no other- while creating memories that will last a lifetime!
Reptile Show
Our reptile show consists of 6-8 different reptiles including lizards, turtles, and snakes. Before the show starts, the attendant will cover some ground rules while the reptiles are out; such as sitting in place and not being too noisy. Once the show starts the attendant will then take one animal out at a time, talk a little bit about that animal, ask the kids questions, and bring the animal around for each kid to see close up; they will even get to pet most of the animals. In the end, the attendant will take out one of our larger snakes, Marshmallow or Pineapple, and the kids will get to gather around to pet and take pictures with him. The show lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.​

*Parties with fewer than 15 kids may take less than 45 minutes. 
*Parties with over 25 participants must inquire for a quote on pricing

Reptle Display
Reptile Displays
Great for large crowds where a traditional show doesn’t quite work. We bring several animal enclosures placed on tables for viewing. We will have an attendant available who will answer questions and take the animals out for people to pet and take pictures with. We like to describe it as an interactive display. 1.5 hours.


Our Reptile Show is $154.99 plus tax (up to 25 participants), and the Reptile Display is $219.99 plus tax within the Metro area. Additional costs will be based on distance and travel time for any location outside of the Metro area. 

Reptile Show + Snow-To-Go + 10 Cotton Candy for $199.99 plus hst.png