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UV Dance Parties

Party time, Excellent! 

Our UV Dance parties are great for any age. Get your glow on!

How it works: We arrive 45 minutes before the start time to set everything up and stay for 1 hour of non-stop dance fun. During the dance party, we can change up the music for any games that you would like to play such as freeze dance, musical chairs, etc. We also play a wide range of age-appropriate music as well as “active” songs such as the limbo, cha-cha slide, etc.
Send along any requests/playlists and we'll be sure to play them at the party for you.

The maximum amount of rental time Jelly Bean would require at a venue for the UV Dance is 2.5 hours, this includes setup and teardown, the teardown can be done while you're doing food/cake etc, 

What's Included:
- DJ with speakers, music, and the ability to take on-site requests (wifi required)
- All black lights needed for any size space (requires a dark space* customer responsible for blacking out space)
- 30 party favors. *Varies , but is usually glow bracelets
- Streamer gun operated by Jelly Bean Team
- Laser lights
- 30 long neon balloons

*Client is responsible for darkening the space/covering the windows/doors to block out light.
*Clean-up not included


$219.99 plus HST for 1 hour
$49.99 plus HST for each additional half hour


Confetti Cannon $14.99 plus HST

We require direct access to the setup area with a clear path. If there is no direct access to enter the space with a cart/dolly, help has to be given to the party attendant for the heavy lifting or additional staff will be provided for a fee.

The client is responsible for darkening the space for the best glow effect.
Cleanup is not included

*Additional costs are based on locations and travel time for round-trips over 40km from our office in East End St. John's or additional staff
if there is no direct access for a cart/dolly.

We have a great resource here of spots to rent, we recommend places that have low windows that are easy for you to cover, a lot of gyms have skylights or high windows that cannot be covered.

Rental Facilities
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