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What space do I need for Nerf? Our Nerf obstacles and gameplay requires at least a 20 x 60 empty indoor space. Full-size or half-size gyms are ideal. If the location has a partition, we can use half the gym, if you want to have other activities in the gym at the same time.

What size generator do I need for an event? Each service would require a different si
ze generator, please inquire and we can tell you what wattage would be required based on your event's needs
Is delivery and setup included for Bouncy Castles?  We will deliver the bouncers, set them up so they are ready for use, and then leave until the designated pickup time.
We offer the Big Ol Bouncer as a pickup option for indoor use only as it is not made from heavy commercial-grade vinyl and can fit in most SUVs(some have to put the back seat down)
What Bouncy Castle can fit at your venue?All the measurements for our bouncers can be found on our Bouncy Castle page. Each bouncer requires at least 2 ft clearance above and around the bouncer for the blower and movement during use.

What space do I need for a UV Dance Party? Any space with windows that are easy to cover. Avoid places with ceiling windows or safety lights that cannot be turned off.  If you intend to hold the dance in your home, we ask that all ornaments/ breakables be removed from the area to avoid damage. You are responsible for darkening the space for the best glow effect.

What kind of a space do you require for a 25 or 50-participant Reptile Show? We only need enough space to bring in the animal crates and have the participants sit in a semi-circle. 

Do you have insurance? We have 5 million liability insurance and can provide documentation if needed for venues or larger events.

Do you do reptile shows in the winter? Yes, we do! We have indoor reptile shows in the winter for the safety of our animals. If there is a cold-weather warning, we will not travel with our reptiles for their safety.

Can adults go in the bouncy castles? Each bouncy castle has its own weight restriction, but our larger bouncy castles can accommodate adults.

Where are you located?  We have a new private Party Room in the Village Shopping Centre between Sport Chek and Ardene. Our office/mobile hub is located in the east end of St. John's.

How much space do I need for a Photo Booth? We need about a 10x10 space near an outlet that is conducive to walkthrough traffic for the photo booth.

What happens if there is a storm in the forecast? We go by the busses and if you're unsure, check out the road conditions from Stavanger Drive to the address for the party.
We will be in touch if the roads say "Covered"(at our discretion) or "Travel Not Recommended"(we wouldn't send our staff out).

How much time do you need for setup/ teardown?
We base our setup/teardown times on worst-case scenarios.

Indoor Bouncy Castles take around 15/ 20 minutes for setup.

Outdoor Bouncy Castles For outdoor bouncy castles we give a 2-hour window for setup and teardown, the actual setup/ teardown only takes around 15/20 minutes, but to allow for travel to and from locations the times will vary.

Our Photo Booth takes around 2 hrs this includes loading in the gear, setting it up, and testing it for use. Teardown usually takes a little less time, around an hour and a half max.

Our Nerf can take up to 45 minutes for setup and 45 minutes for teardown, the max time we would require at a rental facility would be 2.5 hrs. If we have access 15 minutes ahead of the party start time, we can continue setting up as your guests arrive and get settled in, this can allow for some latecomers to arrive before we start gameplay as well.

Our UV Dance can take up to 45 minutes for setup, we can have the music and lights up and ready within 30 minutes, however, the balloons and glowsticks take a little longer and are done on-site for best results. Teardown takes much less time- around 25-30 minutes.

Our Movie Parties can take up to an hour and a half for setup, depending on the number of staff we send.

Our Reptile Show setup takes around 15 minutes to get the animals inside and ready for the show.

Our Reptile Display can take up to 1.5 hrs for setup depending on the access to the space

Our Reptile Stage Show setup can take up to 1.5 hrs

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