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What space do I need for Nerf? a 20 x 60 indoor space. Gyms are ideal

What size generator do I need for an event?

What space do I need for a UV Dance Party? Any space with windows that are easy to cover. Avoid places with ceiling windows or safety lights that cannot turn off. You are responsible for blacking out the windows.

What kind of a space do you require for a 25 or 50 participant Reptile Show? We only need enough space to bring in the animals crates and have the participants sit in a semi-circle

Do you have insurance? We have 2 million liability insurance and can provide documentation if needed for venues or larger events.

Do you do reptile shows in the winter? Yes, we do! We have indoor reptile shows in the winter for the safety of our animals. If there is a cold-weather warning, we do not travel with our reptiles for their safety.

Can adults go in the bouncy castles? Each bouncy castle has its own weight restriction, but our larger bouncy castles can accommodate adults.

Where are you located? We are a mobile business, so we come to you. Our office is located in the east end of St. John's on Paddy Dobbin Drive.

How much space do I need for a Photo Booth? We need about a 10x14 space that is conducive to walkthrough traffic for the photo booth.


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