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NERF Parties
(Ages 7+
, Indoor Only)

They are our most popular parties due to its active gameplay for the kids and the ease on parents who can sit back and relax for an hour as we take care of the fun.

How it works: One or two of our staff will arrive at an indoor location (preferably
 around 20 x 60 or larger)  30-45 minutes prior to start time and begin setting up. We provide all the b
oxes/ obstacles, guns, safety glasses, and darts.
Once the guests arrive, the attendant will sit them down to discuss all the rules including always wearing the safety glasses, avoiding head and close-up shots*, and how to keep it fun while following fair gameplay rules. They will then split the kids into two or more teams, and ref the games once they start. Games that are played vary from team elimination, capture the flag, kids vs. adults, free-for-all, and anything the kids want to come up with as long as it's safe.

Gameplay lasts for 1 hour.  

Our staff will need around 30-45 minutes after gameplay for tear down as well, this can be done while you are doing food/ cake etc, 

The maximum amount of rental time Jelly Bean would require at a venue is 2.5 hours- this includes the setup and teardown. Facilities will often allow us to set up prior to your rental time, setting the Nerf gameplay 15 minutes into the party allows for all the latecomers to arrive as well so nobody misses out on the fun!

*Our nerf is intended for ages 7 and up, in our experience, the younger ones have trouble using the guns, understanding the rules, and tolerating the sting of the darts. Getting hit by a dart will cause a sting, use caution when booking for children younger than 7. We ask that parents are close by to assist in gameplay when booking for younger groups.


$169.99 plus HST for NERF (up to 25 participants)

$229.99 plus HST for NERF (26 to 50 participants)

*Additional costs are based on locations and travel time for round-trips over 40km from our office in East End St. John's.

Nerf Parties are indoor only.

We require direct access to the setup area with a clear path. If there is no direct access to enter the space with a cart/dolly, help has to be given to the party attendant for the heavy lifting or additional staff will be provided for a fee.

Rental Facilities

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