NERF Blaster Parties are our most popular parties due to its active game play for the kids and the ease on parents who can sit back and relax for the hour as we take care of the fun aspect. One of our staff will arrive at a location which you have rented 20 minutes prior to start time and begin to set up. We provide all the boxes for obstacles and bases, along with the guns, safety glasses, and darts. Once the guests arrive the attendant will sit them down to discuss all the rules including always wearing the glasses, avoiding head and close up shots*, and how to keep it fun while following fair game play rules. They will then split the kids into two or more teams (more than two if there are over 20 guests), and ref the games once they start. Games that are played vary from team elimination, capture the flag, kids vs. adults, free for all, and anything the kids want to come up with as long as its safe. Game play lasts for 1 hour.  
*Getting hit by a dart can cause a slight sting. Please use caution when booking for children 5 and under.
Now introducing UV NERF! We provide the blasters, safety glasses, barriers, UV lights, battle paint, and a ref to run it all.

$154.99 plus tax for NERF, and $169.99 plus tax for UV NERF within the Metro area. Additional costs are based on distance and travel time for any location outside of the Metro area. 


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