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Enjoy your favorite movies or new releases in the comfort of your own home or rental facility with the amenities of a movie theater!
With a 10-foot wide projector screen, loud speaker system for that movie theatre rumble, up to 15 servings of Cotton Candy, freshly popped Popcorn (with flavour shakers), and Sno-Cones (with flavour shots), it's sure to be a hit!


$219.99 plus HST
Movie runtimes of 1.5 hours

How it works: We arrive about an hour ahead of the movie start time, you provide the movie (either DVD/BLURAY or a device from a streaming platform you subscribe to,  *must have device on-site, needs good wifi for this choice*, HDMI connection preferred for streaming) and set up a 10 ft projector screen, projector, DVD/ BLURAY player, speakers,  and a concession stand with popcorn on-site (flavour shakers included), sno-cones (flavour shots included), and pre-packaged cotton candy.
An attendant or two stays for the duration of the movie and concessions will be served until an hour in.
At the end of the movie, we pack it up, and take it away! :)
(cleaning not included)

Cotton Candy flavours to choose from (1 flavour per party of up to 15 servings);
Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum, Grape, and Pink Vanilla, !

*$3.99 plus HST per each additional serving of concessions (all 3 included in $3.99 plus HST)

We require direct access to the setup area with a clear path. If there is no direct access to enter the space with a cart/dolly, help has to be given to the party attendant for the heavy lifting or additional staff will be provided for a fee.

*Additional costs are based on locations and travel time for round-trips over 40km from our office in East End St. John's, additional staff if there is no direct access for a cart/dolly, or movies with runtimes longer than 1.5 hours.


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