Meet our fearless leader, Troy - Owner and Operator of Jelly Bean Entertainment. Troy made his way into the reptile business with his company Newfound Feeders in 2009, providing food to our cities reptiles. He then transitioned to children's entertainment and education with Newfoundland Reptiles in 2012, hosting reptile shows, celebrating his passion, education, and an insatiable curiosity for his reptile friends! In 2014 he bought a bunch of bouncy castles and entered a new fun world. He expanded even further to where we are today offering a variety of entertainment to children and adults alike!


Here is the face behind the screen, the one answering all the messages and phonecalls! Heather is the Manager in charge of everyones bookings. She wears many hats and has a hand in just about everything that goes on around here! She could be hosting at a party, doing deliveries in the van, or working around the shop :)